Ajax 9AU

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ajax (9AU)?

Ajax (9AU) is a range of Ajax devices developed to meet Australian regulations.

How is Ajax (9AU) different to the current Ajax (EU) range?

Ajax (9AU) operates on a different Jeweller radio frequency band so the Hub and devices are not compatible with the current Ajax (EU) range.  This means a device from one range cannot be added to the Hub of the other.

Why is Net Alarms launching Ajax (9AU)?

While there are fewer devices in the Ajax (9AU) range right now, over time we expect to see more devices developed specifically for the Australian (and NZ) market.

What about the current Ajax (EU) range?

Net Alarms are committed to ensuring all Ajax devices we sell are supported both technically and under warranty.  We will continue to carry the range of Ajax (EU) and in addition will offer Ajax (9AU) until the time is right to transition to Ajax (9AU).

How will Ajax (9AU) devices be identified?

Although packaging and devices will look identical, Ajax (9AU) will be identified with a red 9AU sticker on each box and on the back of each Hub.

The first two letters of the Firmware version in the App (either AU or EU) also denotes which range the system belongs.

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