Ajax DoubleButton

Wiresless emergency button.  Safety management with comfort.

Ajax DoubleButton is a wireless emergency button with an advanced level of protection. Using such a gadget indoors prevents the possibility of a false response to various threats due to a well-thought-out logic. The emergency button is an addition to the security system, which will report the threat and actively resist it. The user can set up additional functions triggered by the signal: sirens, shutters, electric locks, etc.

The emergency button transmits a signal to the Ajax Hub via the two-way Jeweller radio protocol. The range of the device to the Hub security system is up to 1300 meters. Jeweller protects the transmitted data with a cypher and eliminates the forgery of the device. If network failures or interferences are detected, the system switches to free radio frequency and informs users and the security company about the situation. The emergency button confirms the successful delivery of the alarm signal by the green LED on the housing. The installation of an emergency button is recommended for both commercial and residential premises.






Colours White
Tech Specs
  • Wireless hold-up device
  • Features two tight buttons
  • Advanced protection against accidental presses
  • Only compatible with Ajax system
  • Line-of-sight communication range is up to 1300m
  • Pre-installed battery of up to 5 years
  • 1 CR2032 Battery, 3V
  • Optional mounting (on surface, use holder or pendant)
Dimensions 47 x 35 x 16mm





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