Ajax WaterStop 3/4” DN 20

Ajax WaterStop was designed for remote control of the water supply at the facility.  WaterStop can be controlled from anywhere where there is an internet connection.  Ajax app allows checking of the status and changing the position of the valve at any time.

Scenarios allow minimizing the routing actions and automatically shut off the water.  Scenarios can be used to control the water in the following cases:

  • By alarm – in case of an alarm of the Ajax LeaksProtect (or other third party) leakage detector
  • By schedule – to shut off the water at a certain time
  • By security mode change – in case of arming or disarming
  • Upon pressing LightSwitch, for example, when the last employee leaves the office premises.
  • By pressing Button – for manually shutting off water in the event of an emergency
  • By temperature – to shut off water in the heating pipes for winter.

WaterStop requires Hub Plus, Hub 2 or Hub 2 Plus for operation.




Colours White, Black
Tech Specs
  • Communication range up to 1,100m
  • Tampering alarm
  • Power supply: 4 x CR123
  • Optional external power supply 9-12V, 2A
  • Operating humidity: up to 95%
  • Temperature range of liquids from +5°С to +120°С
  • Operating temperature range from 0°С to +60°С
  • Weight:  869g
Dimensions TBC




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