Cegasa eZ8 Batteries

Cegasa EZ8 batteries can power electronic devices for very long periods across a wide temperature and humidity range without the need for maintenance or charging.   Cegasa EZ8 batteries can supply 100% of the power requirements of an Ajax Wireless Alarm system for up to a year*

This makes Cegasa EZ8 batteries perfect for alarm applications to protect building sites and remote locations or to power an Ajax Range Extender to increase alarm device footprint when there is no power supply.

Unlike other battery types Cegasa EZ8 batteries do not contain heavy metals and do not generate gas emissions as they are consumed.  Its components are non-flammable and they can be transported and operated in any position (do not need to be upright).  There are no corrosive liquids or spillage risks.

Cegasa EZ8 batteries maintain a constant operating voltage throughout the entire period of its useful life ensuring optimum performance for the demands of electronic equipment.


  • Very high capacity and stable voltage output
  • Operating Temperature Range -20 to +50 degrees Celsius
  • Non Rechargeable – Single use only
  • Recyclable – no heavy metals


  • One Cegasa EZ8 battery can power an Ajax wireless alarm Hub continuously for up to a year*
  • Intrusion protection can be implemented long term without mains power supply
  • Easier on the environment vs sealed lead acid batteries
  • A sealed waterproof enclosure enables the system to be discretely located virtually anywhere



Model EZ8 6/600
Tech Specs
  • 6 Volt
  • Zinc Air Alkaline Construction
  • Up to 12 months Ajax Hub 2 *runtime
  • Up to 8 months ajax Hub 2 Plus **est runtime
Dimensions 216 x 226 x 108 mm
Weight 8.2 kg


Model EZ8 9/350
Tech Specs
  • 9 Volt
  • Zinc Air Alkaline Construction
  • 10 months Ajax Hub 2 *runtime
  • 6 months ajax Hub 2 Plus **est runtime
Dimensions 256 x 221 x 85 mm
Weight 7.8 kg


Runtime based on Ajax 6v PSU and default hub settings

*Ajax tested with Hub 2 (GSM, 4 detectors, 25 degrees, 36 seconds polling)

**Estimated based on calculated power requirements




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