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UR FOG Fogging Systems

Using cutting edge patented technology, UR Fog systems generate unrivalled fog emission speed and density for the fastest most effective protection against intrusion.

UR FOG fogging systems are manufactured in Europe to the highest standard.  Fog fluid is not dangerous for people and animals and does not leave a residue.

Patented Technology

The innovative liquid formula developed by UR Fog with a high percentage of glycol ensures a dense fog that is totally impenetrable.  The fog produced is, by far, the densest of all those produced by the various fogging systems on the market thanks to the composition of the fog liquid and the exclusive deployment technology.

Ajax Ready – UR FOG Systems

The Ajax Ready range of UR Fog Systems are compatible with all Ajax Hubs and any Ajax sensor can be programmed to automatically trigger the Fogging system to activate.

The Ajax panic button, remote or App can be used to trigger the Fog system manually or the Ajax MotionCam can deliver a series of photos to your phone quickly to give you or your monitoring company the ability to assess the situation (visual verification) before Fog is deployed.

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