Ajax Hub 2 (4G)

The Hub is the control panel of the Ajax security system. The hub manages all Ajax devices, operates security modes, and in case of a threat, notifies an alarm monitoring and response centre as well as you.

The Hub 2 is the next generation of Ajax control panel which enables Ajax MotionCam and MotionCam Outdoor to be added for visual verification to instantly assess the situation from your phone when the alarm is activated.

Hub 2 (4G)  can be simultaneously connected to three Internet service providers — via Ethernet cable and 2G, 3G, and LTE 2 cellular networks. The automatic switching between channels takes seconds.

The Hub 2 radio network covers several floors and separate buildings — thanks to the communication range of up to 2,000 metres and the ability to connect five range extenders. To manage access and security zoning of the facility, the hub allows connecting 50 users and creating 9 security groups. Hub 2 is a perfect choice for home and business security.

Whatever happens to Hub 2, the security company and the users will be notified. No one can disconnect the hub unnoticed when the facility is disarmed. If an intruder attempts to dismount the device, this will trigger the tamper immediately.

All Ajax Systems can be expanded to include Fire and Flood Protection as well as automation.  Ajax supply free Android and iOS App’s for both users and professional installers.





Colours White, Black
Tech Specs
  • Intelligent security system control panel supporting ethernet and two SIM cards
  • Installation: Indoors
  • Connected devices: 100
  • Video surveillance support: Up to 25 cameras or DVRs
  • Users: 50
  • Rooms: 50
  • Security groups: 9
  • Connected ReX: 5
  • Scenarios: 32
  • Delivery time: 0.15 sec
  • Notification types: SMS, call, push-notification
  • GSM Connection: 2G, 3G, LTE, 4G
  • Main supply: 110−240 V
  • Battery backup: Li-Ion 2 А·h
  • Battery life: Up to 16 hours
Dimensions 163×163×36 mm
Weight 362 g




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