Ajax LeaksProtect

Ajax LeaksProtect can be placed in hard-to-reach places. It doesn’t require installation, goes years without maintenance, and works 24/7. If your washing machine leaks or a pipe breaks, the detector will react immediately to notify you via the Ajax app. If the property has an anti-flooding or mains cut off protection system, Ajax will automatically shut off water supply.

Ajax LeaksProtect detectors will fit anywhere water leaks are likely to happen. At only 14 mm high it will fit under most modern appliances or hot water cylinders, baths etc.

  • Works up to 1,300 metres from Ajax Hub in open space or across several floors of a business centre
  • Early detection of flooding
  • Alarms are automatically cancelled if the water dries
  • Two-way communication with Ajax Hub allows for periodic testing and customisation
  • Saves energy by regulating power consumption based on the distance from Ajax Hub
  • Detects flooding as soon as water covers one of the four pairs of contacts



Colours White, Black
Tech Specs
  • Power supply: 2 ААА Batteries
  • Power supply voltage: 3 V
  • Ingress protection: IP65
  • Working temperature range: from 0°С to +50°С
  • Operating humidity: up to 100%
  • Weight: 40 g
  • Battery life is up to 3 years
Dimensions 56х56×14 mm




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