Ajax MotionProtect Curtain

With the MotionProtect Curtain detectors, you can secure the perimeter of your house and freely move indoors. If a stranger breaks in, the system will raise an alarm and call the security company. Burglars won’t get through the garage door undetected when MotionProtect Curtain is in action. The curtain detector will continue to operate even if the temperature drops to -10°C. When installed correctly, MotionProtect Curtain keeps your private property safe and ignores the pets, even if they are Saint Bernards.

  • Detects motion with a range of up to 15 metres
  • Works up to 3 years on the pre-installed battery
  • Transmits alarms at a distance of up to 1,700 meters away from the hub



Colours White, Black
Tech Specs
  • Classification: Radio-interlinked photoelectric security detector
  • Type of detector: Wireless
  • Motion detection distance: From 6 to 15 metres (depending on the device settings)
  • Compatibility: Operates with all Ajax Hubs and Range Extenders
  • Sensing element: Two PIR sensors
  • Alarm signal delivery time: 0.15 seconds
  • Detection angles: Horizontally — 6°, Vertically — 90°
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable, 3 levels
  • Recommended installation height: 2.4 meters
  • Battery: CR123A
  • Power supply voltage: 3 V
  • Battery life: up to 3 years
Dimensions 134 × 44 × 34 mm
Weight 118 g




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