Ajax FireProtect 2

Introducing FireProtect 2, a wireless fire detector with a built-in siren for alarm and event notification.  It can operate independently or as part of the Ajax security system.

Versions available to detect Heat, Heat and Smoke, and also Heat, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide (CO)

FireProtect 2 does not react to water vapour, the patented smoke chamber is protected from dust, dirt, and insects.  Even if dust enters and settles in the smoke chamber, it does not threaten or impair the detection.  The optical dual beams are designed to reduce false alarms.

  • Connects up to 1,700 metres from the Ajax Hub in an unobstructed space
  • Maintenance free smoke chamber
  • Up to 10 year non-replaceable lithium batteries
  • Manual testing mode activated by pressing the devices front panel
  • Rapid temperature increase without smoke activates an alarm
  • An Interconnected alarm of all smoke detectors on site in 20 seconds
  • Hazeflow 2 software to prevent false smoke alarms



Colours White, Black
Tech Specs
  • Detecting element: photoelectric sensor
  • Temperature sensor: from +54°С to 65°С
  • Alarm type: light and sound
  • Built-in siren volume: 85 dB
  • Up to 10 year non-replaceable lithium batteries
  • Operating temperature range: from 0°С to +50°С
  • Operating humidity: up to 80%
  • Weight: TBC
Dimensions 124x124x45 mm


FireProtect 2 (Heat)
FireProtect 2 (Heat/Smoke)
FireProtect 2 (Heat/Smoke/CO)



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